Power Roll Limited (PRL) is a technology and product development business that exists to develop and commercialise disruptive technologies and to bring these technologies to market through licensing and other strategic partnerships with third parties. PRL is currently working on three technologies:


Energy Storage

Ultra-low cost and lightweight capacitors, supercapacitors and in the medium term, larger scale energy storage devices (i.e. batteries).

Solar PV

Ultra-low cost and lightweight solar PV technologies.


Low cost and “in air” improvements to existing barrier film technologies.


Dr John Topping, the company’s Chief Scientific Officer, developed the initial concept behind the grooved based technologies in 2011 and undertook some initial proof of concept studies to validate the initial invention during 2011/12. In December 2012, John and Saul Joicey co-founded and established Big Solar Limited (now renamed Power Roll Limited) with some initial seed capital.

In June 2013, Drew Johnson (Chairman), Ian McLeod (Non-executive Director), Gary Copeland (Non-executive Director) and Neil Spann (Managing Director) were introduced to the opportunity and provided the first significant investment in the company.

At that point work was focused on proving the concept of the solar PV technology, with third parties, building and further strengthening the company’s IP and establishing the appropriate development team. In September 2015, the technology was validated at lab-scale and an initial scientific paper published by University of Texas, Austin. At this point, additional equipment and resources were required and a further equity fund raising was completed in November 2015.

From November 2015 to the present day, the company has further progressed the solar PV technology and rapidly proven the concept behind the energy storage technology and the nano-barrier technology to the point where initial products are expected within a 12 to 15 months’ period.

On 12 February 2018 the company was renamed Power Roll Limited.


The company has established a strong and credible IP position with 17 different patent families established. Three of these families, in particular two based on the core grooved-based architecture, are now granted across 46 countries including various European territories, USA and China. The 17 patent families are spread across the three technologies with 7 directly related to Energy Storage, 9 related to Solar PV and 1 focusing on the nano-barrier.  Further patent information is available upon request.

Power Roll