PRL believes that the fundamental advantages of energy storage technology include:

  • A significantly higher surface area can be utilised compared with existing planar capacitor technologies
  • Higher capacitance and energy density than existing capacitors and supercapacitors
  • Significantly lower manufactured cost
  • Enhanced lifetime compared to certain energy storage technologies
  • Higher voltages to be achieved than is possible with existing supercapacitors designs


PRL has commissioned two independent reports which provide third party validation of both the technical and commercial opportunities for the energy storage technology. The first report describes this energy storage technology as a “paradigm shift” and the second states that “[it] could also be revolutionary for large capacitors for power electronic applications.”

First proof of concept capacitors were produced in March 2017, quickly followed by a successful initial manufacturing trial in September 2017 with a partner company at its commercial manufacturing facility. This trial successfully demonstrated all the core elements of the energy storage technology as well as validating that it can be readily incorporated into current manufacturing processes.